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Premier Sports & Media is a diversified sport, events and entertainment business. We own numerous properties including the Friendship Cup, Kalakoda Boxing, 360 Football Academy and 360 Sport Consultancy. Premier Sport & Media also have interests in Premier Interschools Rugby, Ultimate Strongman Africa and numerous other events.

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360° Consultancy is a sports consultancy agency for the forward thinking professional. We represent selected clubs and find the perfect partnerships around the world. 

The Friendship Cup will not only bring talent scouts from around the world to Stellenbosch, but the winner of each age group will get an opportunity to take part in the biggest youth soccer…

Boxing fans are among the most passionate, what they cheer for most is  not the hurt that is being dished out, but the triumph of a boxer to  overcome, just as we all endeavor to overcome the challenges of life.

YOUNG LIONS™ will launch the series to be hosted in the 8 key  regional hubs of SOUTH AFRICA, this series will be running con currently and in  parallel to the top tier Friday Fight Nights™ events.

Ultimate Strongman is one of the world’s leading strongman brands. This event or series in AFRICA takes the sport of strongman, but delivers it with the excitement….

The Friday Fight Nights   provides the platform to celebrate the  best African boxers, performing in the big title fights all staged on African soil against the backdrop of your brand……