The Friday Fight Nights ™ series has catalyzed the perfect storm of an  unrivaled broadcast platform by taking boxing back to the people and the reawakening of a proud 100 year African boxing heritage  through the delivery of local content as a fixed calendar of high action  boxing events; set on producing and celebrating the  next generation of African superstars.

The Friday Fight Night events are staged on the last Friday every  month at venues across African cities over a 3-hour live broadcast,  commanding a Pan African audience. A multi channel, high octane  entertainment platform connecting to the hearts and minds of the  African market on a continent scale.

On the back of the Friday Fight Nights ™ success and 3 pilot team  format events pitching a team of selected African Boxers against teams  from the UK and Europe,  Kalakoda Promotion is now launching a new  global TEAM FORMAT series which will set the boxing world alight.

Boxing is an individual sport, but it is also the most basic and primal of  competitive sports, it is not a metaphor of a fight it is just that, a fight.

Boxing fans are among the most passionate, what they cheer for most is  not the hurt that is being dished out, but the triumph of a boxer to  overcome, just as we all endeavor to overcome the challenges of life.

When you take this cocktail and remix it in to an International Team  competition format you have a recipe to turbo charge fan interest and  for fighters to hold the hopes and dreams of nations in their fists.

5 regional teams of even geographic spread and strength, consisting of  five competing fighters (a10 fighter squad ) will battle in a best of 5 fight  format with home and away leg tournaments across the globe.

The top 4 teams then compete in home or  away semi finals depending on log  position culminating in the final contested  by a show stopping event for the right to  hold the PATRIOT’S CUP.

The entire log fixture events and knock  out stages through to final event are  contained to a 12 month duration making  for compelling broadcasting and  sustained fan interest.

The team format will draw global interest  as a platform for up and coming fighters  to represent their regions and high profile  boxing personalities positioned as team  managers and coaches.

Sports Fans follow teams The PATRIOT’S CUP, presents a multi channel  marketing platform, a launch pad for massive brand visibility and fan  engagement on a Global scale, breaking through the clutter with a first to  market format with multiple commercial touch points across digital,  traditional broadcast, merchandising, branding and content creation.