Pan African  Championship Series

is a televised sports docu-series capturing the  determination of some of Africa’s most elite fighters in  their quest to fight through the tournament ranks to  achieve a shot at one of the vacant King of Boxing –  I Pan African Championship titles.

This groundbreaking championship tournament series will  consist of selecting 8 professional fighters from countries around the world and from 2 different weight divisions,TBC

Cameras will document the entire process, from their arrival life, training, all the way through to the “Championship  Finals” in pure “All Access” or “24/7” fashion. We will build  up our fighters as marketable characters that fans can  emotionally invest in. We will deliver 8-10 episodes .


Media, Launch

Location: South Africa

Venue: (TBD)

  • All 16 Fighters (Grouped)
  • Boxing Body to be confirmed (with 3 Newly designed “King of  Boxing” belys
  • King of Boxing: Brand Exec.
  • Broadcast Partner: TBC.
  •  Promotion Company: Kalakoda Boxing Promotions Exec.
  •  Sponsors: Title or Presenting & Associate(s) Execs.

Media Launch/ Step-and-repeat- U.S. Celebrity  Guest Interviews

Ring Branding

Product Integration (Energy drinks, vitamins, etc)  Mobile & Online Voting

Online Sports Betting

Venue ticket sales


Licensing (Global) Broadcast &  Streaming

Sub-Licensing (Africa)  Advertising On-Air/Channel