The successof  the Friday Fight Nights™ has also confirmed the acute need to stage regional  development events running in parallel to the Friday Fight Nights™  platform across the SOUTH AFRICA.

YOUNG LIONS™ is a stand alone strategic development platform used to  identify, build and nurture the abundance of young African talent as they  enter the professional ranks.

A stage to groom and lay the early foundation for this talent to mature  and become the world beaters of tomorrow.

Each YOUNG LIONS™ series will feature 12 events per region per year  with a 6 fight card, aired life over a 3 hour broadcast window.

YOUNG LIONS™ provides feeder system to the top tier Friday Fight  Nights™ events and a means to develop boxing from the ground up in the  South Africa.

YOUNG LIONS™ will launch the series to be hosted in the 8 key  regional hubs of SOUTH AFRICA, this series will be running con currently and in  parallel to the top tier Friday Fight Nights™ events. This development  platform provides the volume of dates to create an unprecedented space  for young talent to to evolve and flourish, unlocking the wealth of raw  talent from the SOTH AFRICA.

Kalakoda Promotions has heeded the call to drive  woman’s development in sport across Africa, every  YOUNG LIONS™ event will feature no less than 1 ladies  bout.

We are fundamentally invested in developing woman’s  boxing across the continent and using it as a platform for  woman empowerment, challenging hyper masculine  stereotypes within boxing and using advocacy for anti  abuse and anti domestic violence campaigns. The  YOUNG LIONS™ brand is rooted in this commitment.